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  These three pastel homes positively sing with prettiness; “I feel pretty, Oh, so pretty, I feel pretty and witty and bright!”... Well, not literally obviously, but you get the gist. Sweet shades of baby pink, powder blue and chalky mint green cover the furniture, walls and accessories of this trio. If you worry that a candy coloured interior might make your teeth hurt a little, then this inspirational collection of interiors will show you how such shades can be comfortably neutralised with light wood floors and fresh white elements. See how to hold the hues within simplistic contemporary outlines to keep your scheme from appearing frilly or trite.

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  可视化工具:Stephen Tsimbalyuk Ruslan Kovalchuk &


  Visualizer: Ruslan Kovalchuk & Stephen Tsimbalyuk

  Throwing you straight in at the deep end with our most pastel filled home, this first apartment is awash with soft shades of blue, pink and green. At the centre of the scheme the pink couch looks like a row of soft marshmallows but is of an unfussy contemporary style. In direct contact and contrast with the centrally placed couch, a sky blue area rug matches the powdery blue curtains and a light blue coffee table. To earth these airy colours, a selection of amber glass vases decorate the table surface. These tones are echoed over in the dining area situated behind the sofa, where six dining chairs stand in natural rattan.

  2 |藤餐椅有淡蓝色坐垫与附近的地毯和窗帘。自然的语调进行通过木口音在开放式的厨房。周围的墙壁都充斥着薄荷味的绿色。

  The rattan dining chairs have pale blue cushions to match the nearby rug and curtains. Their natural tone carries through via wooden accents in the open plan kitchen. The surrounding walls are all awash with minty green.

  3 |落地灯和壁装式书柜进行更多的平静的蓝色色调。

  A floor lamp and a wall mounted bookcase carry through more of the calming blue hue.

  4 |在墙上安装平面屏幕电视,长木控制台完美匹配的木地板。

  Beneath the wall mounted flat screen television, a long wooden console perfectly matches the tone of the wood floor.

  5 |墙上的艺术几乎是窗玻璃外的观点的延续。

  The wall art is almost a continuation of the view beyond the window pane.

  6 |厨房连壁工作台面及邻近的大理石餐桌都是苍白的。

  The kitchen backsplash countertop and adjoining dining table are all pale marble.

  7 |餐厅吊坠灯是一个分组的有机形状的白色玻璃器皿。

  The dining room pendant lights are a grouping of organic shaped white glass vessels.

  8 |简单的表核心伴随着自然元素在房间里。

  The simple table centrepiece coincides with the natural elements in the room.

  9 |在走廊上,自行车墙支架提供一个实际的存储解决方案和房主传输转换成一个焦点。

  In the hallway, a couple of bike wall mounts provide a practical storage solution and transform the homeowners transport into a focal point.

  10 |现代乡村注意的凳子和梁罢工。

  Wooden stools and beams strike of modern rustic note.

  11 |第二个粉红色的沙发是坐落在一个房间里研究区域和放松的秋千椅。

  A second pink sofa is located in a room with a study area and a relaxing swing chair.

  12 |这个粉色的沙发还可以当作床。自然下地毯中和粉色装饰的甜味。

  This pink couch would double as a bed. The natural rug beneath it neutralises the sweetness of the pink upholstery.

  13 |内政部区旁的是定制的白色的大银行存储单元特性的穿过木制柜子建立显示,持有经常使用的物品放在手边。

  Beside the home office area is a large bank of bespoke white storage units that feature a cut through of wooden display cubbies, which hold frequently used items close at hand.

  14 |这个卧室有高耸的软垫床头板设计的粉蓝色。其余的特色墙完成后在木镶板相匹配的索引表。

  This bedroom has a towering upholstered headboard design in powder blue. The rest of the feature wall is finished in wood panelling that matches the side tables.

  15 |家具和床亚麻布的几何设计,提高了柔和的彩色房间的外观。

  The furniture and bed linen are of a geometric design, which sharpens up the look of the pastel coloured room.

  16 |对面墙上告诉我们这是一个孩子的房间:一个蓝色的墙已经变成一种微妙的黑板,和一组墙酒吧都是摇摆。

  The opposite wall tells us this is a kid’s room: A blue wall has been made into a subtle chalkboard, and a set of wall bars are all set for swinging.

  17 |一个可爱的孩子的桌子椅子坐在电脑桌子,搭配了铜台灯。

  A cute kid’s desk chair sits at a computer table that has been accessorised with a copper desk lamp.

  18 |几何的口音可以找到在其他地区的计划。

  Geometric accents can be found around other parts of the scheme too.

  19 |  可视化工具:Stephen Tsimbalyuk Ruslan Kovalchuk &


  Visualizer: Ruslan Kovalchuk & Stephen Tsimbalyuk

  Our second apartment belongs to a ballet dancer, and uses just a soupçon of pastels here and there; like this exquisite sea breeze sofa.

  20 |上海沙发对面是一个蓝色的装饰墙,一个巨大的凹面图形叶子图案。

  Opposite the L-shape sofa is a blue feature wall with a giant debossed leaf motif.

  21 |地毯是纯净的白色人造毛皮。

  The rug is purest white faux fur.

  22 |一个控制台在电视下面的木设计。

  A console underneath the TV has curvaceous wooden design.

  23 |海风和木材音调是通过从休息室到餐厅。

  Sea breeze and wood tones are carried through from the lounge into the dining room.

  24 |两个铜餐桌侧灯悬挂在整洁的就餐区。

  Two copper dining table pendant lights are suspended over the neat eating area.

  25 |芭蕾舞演员的小廊哈迪机体足够的空间,虽然能够容纳一个酒吧区可以享受咖啡和视图,加上一个整洁的家庭办公区域完成设计师台灯。

  The ballet dancer’s small porch has hardy enough room to pirouette in, though manages to accommodate a bar area where one could enjoy a coffee and the view, plus a tidy home office area complete with designer table lamp.

  26 |光橱柜和暴露厨房货架形式背景的小餐厅。

  Light cabinets and exposed kitchen shelving form the backdrop to the small dining area.

  27 |卧室是一个芭蕾舞小跳的从客厅的沙发上,并通过滑动玻璃门可以看到。自然光线穿越从休息室,和隐私窗帘时可能会引起公司存在。

  The bedroom is just a ‘jete’ from the living room sofa, and can be seen through sliding glass doors. Natural light makes its way through from the lounge, and privacy curtains may be drawn when company is present.

  28 |床珊瑚粉红色。特色墙是重复使用的叶子图案在休息室加入两个空间。

  The bed is coral pink. The feature wall is a repeat of the leaf motif used in the lounge to join the two spaces.

  29 |浴室是一个极简设计。

  The bathroom is a minimalist design.

  30 |小的选择要点是在开放的架子,没有其他存储出现在房间里。

  A small selection of essentials are out on open shelving, with no other storage present in the room.

  31 |  师:GA内部



  Architect: GA Interior

  Designer: Guan Pin

  Our third home is a cosy den of pastel surprises, where an upper volume is reminiscent of a treehouse.

  32 |夹层下“树屋”浅白色的小厨房和一个粉红色和木头餐饮套件。

  Beneath the mezzanine ‘treehouse’ nestles a small white kitchen and a pink and wood dining suite.

  34 |小小的粉红色的口音洒在冰淇淋的颜色。

  Tiny pink accents are sprinkled over ice cream colours.

  35 |厨房连壁和早餐酒吧边镶板是一个蓝色的色调。

  The kitchen backsplash and breakfast bar side panelling are a blue hue.

  36 |阳光口音照亮古怪的图样。

  Sunshine accents brighten quirky cutouts.

  37 |爬上公开站在楼梯上你会发现主卧室,一个黑色的落地灯创建一个意想不到的重基础注意旁边甜美的粉色,蓝色和白色的床垫子和覆盖。

  On climbing the open sided staircase you will find the master bedroom, where a black floor lamp creates an unexpected heavy base note beside a sweet selection of pink, blue and white bed cushions and covers.

  38 |

  Expanses of blue and neat pink accents continue up in this space.

  39 |一张粉红色的餐厅的椅子上被利用为桌子椅子。

  One of the pink dining chairs has been utilised as a desk chair.

  40 |一个大木衣柜稀土柔和的方案。

  A large wooden wardrobe earths the pastel scheme.

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