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  Picky about your pinks? Well fear not, this collection of 51 different pink living room designs is sure to have something to suit your own individual tastes. Let us show you around some of our favourite pale pastel pink decor schemes and blush pink beauties, all the way through the spectrum to the intense heat of hot pink decor. We also explore the use of complementary colours to accentuate the room design, and contrasting hues to balance out the pink sweetness. We’re not just talking accent walls here either, we have a whole host of pink furniture and some living room accessories to polish off the look too.


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  Via: Etsy


  Back up your love of pink. This pink couch living room is backed up by a colour coordinated shelving system behind. The great thing about this tip is that you don’t need to buy a specialist piece of furniture to achieve the look. Simply pick out a couple of pink paint shades and fill in the gaps between your existing shelves for an updated colourful look.


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  Visualizer: Thuong Hoai

  Pull out the pink. You can pull extra pink into your room design every time you draw the curtains, especially in a floor to ceiling set like these ones.



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  Source: Marie Claire

  Some like it hot. Whack up the heat with a tin of hot pink wall paint–don’t forget to paint that exposed brick wall too for an all encompassing colour scheme.



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  Designer: Noz Design

  Another hot pink extravaganza–this time with an amazing rug to bolster the bold statement.



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  Visualizer: Timur Mitin

  Crank up the contrast. This pink and teal living room not only benefits from the contrast of two different colours but of several different shades of pink too.



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  Via: Gaia

  Ring in the changes. Even an old grey sofa can be enlivened with the pink trend by throwing on a few new scatter cushions and a bright throw. Don’t colour match the new pieces either, choose different shades for a modern layered look. You can balance out the colour party by bringing in some natural wood furniture pieces and metallic accessories, like these nesting tables and copper floor lamp.

  环的变化。甚至一个古老的灰色沙发可以活跃与粉红色的趋势,把一些新的软垫和一个明亮的扔。不新作品的颜色匹配,选择不同的色调为现代分层。可以平衡色彩派对将在一些天然木家具和金属配件,像这样的嵌套表和铜落地灯。 (Disclaimer: this website part by users to upload, such as the holder of the misrepresentation found his works, please contact the site.)



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