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  Sparing yet powerful colour injections give each room of this home its own special character and individual identity, designed and visualised by Cartelle Design. The 110 square metre property, located in Ivanovo, Russia, is filled with a delicious array of painted feature walls, bright modern art and eye-catching accent furniture. Deep royal blue and spice brown create an urban hum inside the open plan living room, amidst misty grey, woodtone and monochrome accents. Plum purple paint pushes from beneath vivid red art to build drama in the master bedroom, whilst cobalt blue and a shout of yellow pair up to make a shared kids' room. Sage green settles in the bathroom, around cool white marble.


  1 |香料现代沙发活跃的灰色和棕色深皇家蓝色客厅方案。黑人和白人口音件保持色彩组合脆。软灰色地毯把休息室的元素连接在一起作为一个舒适的区域,包括沙发,口音,圆形蒲团和一个圆形的咖啡桌

  1 |A spice brown modern sofa enlivens a grey and deep royal blue living room scheme. Black and white accent pieces keep the colour combo crisp. A soft grey rug holds the elements of the lounge together as one snug zone, including the sofa, accent armchair, circular pouf and a round coffee table.


  2 |冷混凝土砖爬沙发电视墙前的温暖的香料。在具体的电视墙,窗帮已经穿着木纹与定制的桌子。木头的语气补充沙发家具的色调,和地板。

  2 |Cold concrete tiles climb a TV wall in front of the warm spice sofa. Beside the concrete TV wall, the window reveal has been clad in wood grain to match the bespoke desk there. The wood tone complements the hue of the couch upholstery, and the flooring.


  3 |犬牙花纹的织物覆盖口音的椅子上旋转的休息室,在时尚的杰出的联系。散放的垫子是覆盖在匹配的单色面料对比沙发上携带的审美。

  3 |Houndstooth fabric covers the swivel accent chair at the side of the lounge, in a stylish standout touch. A scatter cushion is covered in matching monochrome fabric over on the contrasting sofa to carry the aesthetic through.


  4 |黑色管道周围的口音椅子链接它与灰色的地板上蒲团,也是带黑。

  4 |Black piping around the accent chair links it with the grey floor pouf, which is also edged with black.


  5 |客厅书是一个自定义构建单元在木纹皇家蓝色和完成。玻璃滑关闭前的栈精装书和小摆设灰尘免费。

  5 |The living room bookshelf is a custom built unit in a royal blue and woodgrain finish. Glass doors slide closed in front of the stacks to keep the hardbacks and knick-knacks dust free.


  6 |另一个书柜是坐落在混凝土和窗墙的沙发上。一个狭窄的利基藏在其他窗口显示工作区。

  6 |Another bookcase is nestled between a concrete column and the window wall by the sofa. One more narrow niche is tucked away at the other window reveal around the home workspace.


  7 |蓝色装饰墙吞没房间门后。

  7 |The blue feature wall engulfs the room door is it’s wake. (Disclaimer: this website part by users to upload, such as the holder of the misrepresentation found his works, please contact the site.)



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